Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why Should You Hire a Wedding Day Coordinator?

You've been planning your wedding for a few months now and the day is fast approaching. But there are still many last minute things piling up to be done! A wedding day coordinator will be your best friend during those last few weeks of planning - helping you to make final vendor confirmations, arranging the schedule for your wedding day events, working out the final "to do" lists.

A coordinator will be on hand to orchestrate or observe the rehearsal of the ceremony, as required... helping to work out the cueing, timing and details of the ceremony. But then, most imporantly, the coordinator will be on-site for the wedding day to do anything and everything that needs to be done to make the day flow smoothly. Your coordinator will ensure that everything is set up for the ceremony - that guests are seated and treated properly and that after the ceremony you get off to the photoshoot in good time. If the photographer requires it, we will assist at the photo shoot arranging people groups to be ready for the next shot. At the reception site, the coordinator will verify that the room is set up as per your expectations including placements of menus, place cards, bombonieres, guest book, etc. The coordinator becomes the contact person for the caterers, hall managers, bar tenders, DJ's, MC's, decorators, etc.

Besides organizing and directing the details of the day, a Wedding Day Coordinator provides a fully stocked Wedding Day Emergency Kit and is fully prepared to handle any unexpected situation that may arise - from lost buttons, tears or stains in bridal attire to headaches, cuts or sprains to wilting flowers, broken centerpieces or lost pens to bad breath, holes in pantyhose or a groom wearing white instead of black socks.... we can resolve it all!!

Don't leave the last minute details and unexpected situations to your bridesmaids or family members to deal with... hire a Wedding Day Coordinator to take on the stress for you - and then just show up, relax and enjoy your day to the fullest!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A New Blogger has Joined the Technological World!

This is my first blog - ever! But in keeping with the times, I had to give in and get connected.

As a Wedding Day Coordinator, I hope to use this space to share tips and ideas to help brides plan their weddings, to keep up with current wedding trends, to provide useful pieces of advice and guidance that will be of value to brides.

Any specific topics of what you, as a bride, want to know about? Feel free to ask!

Stay tuned for my next entry!

Until then - happy planning!