Sunday, November 1, 2009

Colourful, Fun & Tasty "Goan" Wedding

Olivia & John got married on Sat. Oct. 17, 2009 in Hamilton - and enjoyed a great reception at Maplewood Hall in Ancaster. I had the privilege of being on-site at the hall to assist in preparing the hall for the reception. Olivia is from Goa, a state of India - and so there was a wonderful Indian flare to the reception.

Colourful is a great way to describe the guests, bridal party and florals for this wedding. Many guests were adorned in beautiful Sari's - as well as two of the girls in the bridal party. Each bridal party bouquet was unique in the colours of the flowers and the ribbons. A large fall-coloured floral display was set on the elaborate stone fireplace mantle. The table centerpieces were simple brown clay pots with purple cyclamens.

Fun is the best way to describe the attitude of the bride & groom - and the celebratory feel of the reception. The bride & groom were welcomed into the party with singing & clapping & a "ceremonial walk" through the room. They cut their wedding cake and then enjoyed a few minutes to savour Indian appetizers. Before the meal began, Olivia & John, followed by their bridal party & family & all of the guests were led in a traditional Goan "Bridal March", set to different songs, and accompanied by much laughter! The couple concluded the March with their first dance together and were then joined by their guests for about 20 minutes of dancing.

Tasty - well, that describes the traditional Indian buffet meal that was served to their guests. Rich flavours & unique spices filled the room with tempting aromas. And of course, the meal was accompanied by some great libations!

It was a great day for the happy couple....Congratulations to Olivia & John!