Monday, March 16, 2009

Special Ways to Celebrate Family at Your Wedding

Some people are blessed with great family relationships – special people who have shaped and influenced your life and who mean the world to you. If you are so blessed - then your wedding is a wonderful time to honor those special people in your life.

Here are some ideas on how you can pay tribute to those closest to you on your wedding day – both those in the here & now, as well as those who have already passed on.

Ask special family members to be involved in parts of the ceremony.
• to hand out bulletins or “man” the guest book
• to be ushers and seat guests
• to be readers
• to provide special music during ceremony
• to light candles - This is especially sentimental if you are having a unity candle – have each of your mothers (or fathers) light one candle, representing your family & then as part of the ceremony, you each pick up your family candle & light one center candle, symbolizing the joining of two families to become one
• during processional, Bride can pause to hand a single floral bloom to groom’s mother and her own mother
• A special floral arrangement can be placed in a seat of honour with a deceased relative’s name on it

At the reception, you can ask special family members to play a role with some of the details.
• to “man” the guest book
• to assist guests in finding place-cards/seating arrangements
• to be the M.C.
• to give special toasts or speeches
• to provide special music during the reception
• have a special family dance after your first dance

Set up a display to honour your families – display in a large frame as a collage, or on a decorated backboard/bulletin board, or set up in nice frames on a table
• photos of your parents’/grandparents’ weddings (especially if they are still together!)
• Photos of special memories of you with family members
• Photos of family members who have passed on

Prepare a slide-show of your growing-up years with special family photo memories featured – put it to a great song about family/relationships.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

How to be a Relaxed Bride on your Wedding Day

On your wedding day, the last thing you want is to be stressed and anxious.
Your dream day is here and you want to be at your best in every way – relaxed, excited, calm. Here’s a few tips & ideas to help you prepare for your wedding day so that you can enjoy the whole experience to its fullest…

• A few days before the wedding, hang your dress & veil up high, spread out so that wrinkles will fall out – steam if needed
• Pack your overnight bag and your honeymoon suitcases a day or two before your wedding day – keep a piece of paper and pen handy to make a list of the last-minute things you will need to pack on your wedding day
• Have all your travel documents, ID, etc. packed - make photocopies of documents and leave copies with family members at home.
• Lay out your purse, undergarments, shoes, jewelry, garter the day before
• Don’t have your bachelorette party the night before your wedding – the last thing you want is to be over-tired or worse, hung-over on your wedding day!
• Instead, get a good sleep the night before – drink some hot milk, or herbal tea, have a hot bath before going to bed to help you relax, and try to get to bed early.
• Set 2 alarms for your wedding day – 5 minutes apart – so that you don’t sleep in!
• Get up early enough to have a nice, long, hot shower or bath
• After bathing, lather your body with a soothing body lotion, put on a comfy robe & slippers to let the lotion sink in
• Sip your favourite hot beverage and enjoy a few minutes of quiet & calm – take time to breathe deep, meditate, pray, listen to soothing music
• Be sure to eat something light and balanced and healthy for breakfast – whole wheat toast, egg, fruit, whole-grain cereal, yogurt.
• If your tummy is experiencing some butterflies, stick with bland food – crackers, toast and tea instead of coffee.
• Plan your hair & makeup appointments so that you are done before your bridesmaids – you don’t want to be rushed at the end of the makeup session!
• If your wedding is in the afternoon, be sure to eat something at lunch as well – you need your energy and food to sustain you & to keep you from fainting!
• Be sure to give yourself enough time to get ready without feeling rushed
• Let your Wedding Day Coordinator and your bridesmaids / family take care of the details of the day – your role now is to just show up and enjoy the whole experience!

This is YOUR day…. Do all you can to be sure that you enjoy it!