Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Couple's Wedding a "Hallelujah" ending!

Cheryl & Dave tied the knot last Friday evening in a wonderful ceremony in Cambridge, ON. As they are both a "bit older" and this was their first wedding, their family & friends were so excited for them both! Knowing their families' excitement, Cheryl & Dave's officiant announced at the end of the ceremony that they had chosen a special song for their recessional - in honour of their families. And with that, the "Hallelujah Chorus" came on and everyone broke out in applause & laughter as they made their way triumphantly down the aisle!! The reality is, if Cheryl's older brother had been still been alive and was at the wedding, we all know he would have yelled out a hearty "Hallelujah!" upon their introduction as 'Mr & Mrs'.... so it was a fitting song and a special tribute to her brother!

The weather certainly kept us on our toes as it would change from rain to sun every few minutes it seemed. Driving to the photo shoot, it was raining. Arrived to the site in the sun & managed to stay dry for the time needed to get some great photos - and then as we drove back, it poured rain again! But all worked out in the end!

The reception began with the Bride & Groom being "greeted" by family members blowing on party noise-makers!! Then, a surprise video montage was presented of Cheryl & Dave - all in great fun & good taste! The evening ended with an "English Country Dance" - very much like a square dance, but more of "waltz" type music than "country" music. It was so much fun and almost all of the guests were up and participating - even those who typically don't dance!

Congratulations Cheryl & Dave on a wonderful wedding day!

Ceremony Venue: Heritage Bible College & Seminary Chapel, Cambridge
Officiant: Pastor Karen West
Ceremony Musicians: Allison & Caroline, Doug Thompson & Paul Wilson
Photographer: Jason Matos Photography, Waterdown
Photo Site: Mill Race Park, Cambridge
Reception Venue: Holiday Inn, Cambridge
Cake Decorator: Lori-Anne McDonell, Barrie
Flowers & Decor: Zehr's, Cambridge & MaryLou Burkard
Reception "English Dance" Musicians: Rick & Jonathan Avery
Reception "English Dance" Caller: Sheila Scott

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Groom that Almost Wasn't Allowed to Get Married!

Heather & Matthew have been planning their wedding for months! And then, the week of the wedding arrived full of hope & promise.... but quickly became a week full of anxiety and fear - that the Groom would NOT be allowed into Canada to get married! Yup - Matt is an American and apparently there's quite a bit of paperwork involved in getting permission to enter Canada to get married to a Canadian and then live here for a few months! Upon attempting to cross the border on Thursday in order to be here for the rehearsal, he was promptly denied access because of missing paperwork and he was turned back at the border, along with a long list of things he had to do to "prove" that he would indeed return to the USA at the end of the summer.

So, the rehearsal Thursday night was interesting as we were missing the groom and his best man (along with two other groomsmen who we'd already known wouldn't be there). So we had 2 of 6 guys present! Heather held up amazingly well considering she had to practice marrying a "stand-in" for Matt - and considering the uncertainty of whether Matt would actually be allowed to come into Canada to get married on Saturday or not!

Well - thanks to a lot of running around on Matt's part, help from his past employer and even some important help from our local MP David Sweet's office, Matt was permitted to enter Canada and arrived on Friday afternoon - WHEW!!

The wedding day dawned with clear skies and sunny, warm temperatures - perfect for their outdoor tent wedding at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington and their outdoor Barn reception at Dyments' farms in Dundas. Everything fell into place and looked amazing!

And the most important thing is - they ARE married!!! YEAH! Congratulations Heather & Matt!

Ceremony Venue: Rose Gardens Tent, Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington
Ceremony Musician: Hanna Strauss
Officiants: Doug Veenstra & Pastor Jim Pot
Photographer: Katie Button, Dundas
Photo Site: RBG Gardens, Burlington
Reception Venue: Dyment's Farms, Dundas
Caterers: Maitre D' Catering, Burlington
Cake Decorator: Lakeshore Pastry, Burlington
Reception Musicians: Corrie Kessler & Band