Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Why Should Brides Attend Local Bridal Shows?

This coming weekend, Jan 10 - 11, 2015 is the annual Hamilton Wedding Show. It is two full days of amazing vendors, impressive displays, fun fashion shows, delicious food samples and LOTS of great information!

It always surprises me to hear brides say, "I can't be bothered going to a bridal show." I know that sometimes we vendors can come across as pushy... trying to stuff our flyers in your already overfilled hands, trying to get you to fill out a ballot, trying to talk up our services with you. Forgive us for being pushy. We don't mean to be... at least most of us don't mean to be!

I think as a bride, you need to come to a Bridal Show with a different outlook. Don't look at exhibitors as "the vendors to be avoided!!" But rather, realize that we are actually there FOR YOU. We have spent good money and countless hours to prepare ourselves to meet YOU and to talk with you about YOUR wedding. We are really there, for two long days, in order to meet and serve the bridal couples of our community!

If you already have various vendor services booked, we understand - and we are fine with you telling us this!
But maybe there are particular vendors you are still trying to decide on. If so - then this is the place for you. It is one stop comparison shopping at its finest!! My advice to you is: Take time to speak to the vendors offering that services... see how you connect with them, what kind of a vibe you get from them. Take their info, listen to their "services speech", ask questions. And make notes to yourself about the vendors you want to follow up with... snap a picture of their booth or business card so you remember after the show who you liked. OR if you really like them right off the bat - ask them to contact you after the show. Vendors LOVE to get the "please call me" from Brides!!! And we tend to bend over backwards for brides who are interested in what we can offer to them!

A Bridal Show is also a great place to discover unique services and products that you maybe never thought about or knew about. Customizing your wedding to be uniquely YOU is all the rage today... nobody wants a cookie-cutter wedding. Nobody wants to do what the last wedding did. And so there are always new services, new creative ideas, new products for you to consider to totally customize YOUR wedding.

You WILL get lots of goodies, flyers, brochures, business cards, magazines, & freebies from the vendors at the show. I strongly recommend you leave your winter jackets in your car, bring a back pack or rolling mini suitcase/bag to save your back and free up your hands. (OR bring your fiancé to carry the bags for you!!) After the show, take time to review all that you have received. Toss what you really don't need, and then take time to check out vendor websites that interest you.

For me, as a Wedding Detail Coordinator who has a booth at this weekend's Bridal Show, I just love to connect with brides who want to enjoy their wedding day with peace of mind and as little stress as possible! I truly enjoy working alongside of brides & grooms (and their families!) to ensure that the wedding they have put hundreds of hours into planning actually happens as they want it to! And I get a kick out of hearing all the wonderful and creative engagement stories and seeing the beautiful engagement rings that these lucky gals are wearing!

So... get your mom and your bridesmaids together for a girls day out. OR you and your fiancé plan to spend the day researching what you need together. And when attend the Hamilton Bridal Show this weekend - don't forget to stop by to say HI to me at my booth (upstairs along the back wall)... show me your ring, tell me your story and let's chat about your wedding!!


A Bridal Show can be a fun time. Yes, it can be a bit overwhelming at timesSo